If you conducted a poll, chances are you would quickly discover that many people would like to alter their smile in some way. One of the most straightforward methods of refreshing the smile is to remove stains that have set in over years of time. When this is done, the entire face seems to brighten! As a consequence, or benefit, your vibrant smile tells others that you are warm and friendly, motivated, successful, even more trustworthy. Years of research have demonstrated the immense value of a beautiful smile, and our patients discover this in their own lives after taking that step into cosmetic dentistry.

Why you Shouldn’t DIY your Smile

We live in a society of proud DIYers, those who love to take on an improvement project without the help of a professional. This may be great if you’re planning to paint a room in your house or plant a garden, but the benefits of DIY don’t really translate when it comes to your smile. The heavy lifting in this scenario really should be left to the professional. We may not be talking about physical lifting, but the removal of stains from teeth is nothing to leave to the untrained.

Let’s investigate DIY teeth whitening briefly, that’s all it will take. In a quick online search, you will find multiple sites promoting stain removal with lemon and baking soda. This method is not new at all. In fact, as shocking as it may seem, it originated in ancient Egypt. If rubbing teeth with pumice and vinegar worked, wouldn’t it seem logical that the method would have stuck? It didn’t. Why? Because pumice is abrasive (like baking soda) and vinegar is acidic (like lemon). Each, on their own, will damage enamel. Together, they pack a one-two punch that will not only cause your teeth to look even more discolored, but will also increase your risk for cavities.

Get Results without Compromising your Oral Health

Teeth whitening treatment has evolved over hundreds of years of trial and error.  Many years ago, the simple tray method that we use was proven both safe and effective. The application of a precision concentration of peroxide using custom-fit trays is gentle, yet capable of brightening your smile several shades in just a few weeks.

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