Over the past several decades, we have seen a shift in society that reflects a general thought of “bigger is better.” You may have even seen bumper stickers or other print that says “Go Big or Go Home.” We wear bigger watches, live in bigger homes, and drive cars that may be much larger than what we need. One area in which going smaller really makes sense is dentistry. Patients of Queens, NY dentist Dr. Walter Maybruch receive conservative care and, when it comes to tooth replacement, quite literally smaller fixtures. We’re talking about mini dental implants. Here are some of the reasons Dr. Maybruch has chosen to offer this service.

  • Not all patients are candidates for traditional implants, which are somewhat larger in size. Mini implants are often an excellent choice for patients who have suffered bone loss over time without adequate stimulation.
  • The mini implant procedure is short and minimally invasive. The entire procedure may be completed in just a few hours without the need for cutting a flap in the gums. Because of the smaller size of each implant, there is less disruption to natural structure.
  • Patients who are treated with mini implants often report faster recovery from their procedure than individuals who choose traditional implant size. Post-treatment discomfort often subsides over hours, rather than days.
  • Mini implants can be loaded immediately. This means there is no time spent without artificial teeth in place. Because the bone is better preserved with mini implants, there is less need for lengthy healing time, which translates into a faster return to normal eating habits. Biting force is well tolerated more quickly through this procedure.

Like traditional implants, mini dental implants are capable of supporting a variety of restorations. The number of implants needed will depend on the size of the area each will support. A bridge may be stabilized with just a few implants, while a full denture may require several posts.

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