To lose a permanent tooth goes against everything nature has intended. Most adults never expect that they will experience this problem; at least not before they have grown quite old. The fact of the matter is tooth loss does not have to be an age related problem. Patients of our friendly dental office receive the personal dental care they need to mitigate the various factors that may lead to tooth loss. Furthermore, we have the training and the technology to restore much more than missing teeth should that become necessary.  Here, we will touch on just a few of the reasons why dental implant treatment is worth considering.

  • Healthy, attractive teeth are fixtures that we expect to see in the smile. If your mouth is not filled with teeth that are healthy and that look good, your smile is not living up to its full potential. This can have a subconscious effect on the image you have of yourself. Self image is an important thing to foster, regardless of your age or your line of work.
  • Where there is attractiveness and healthy self image, there is confidence. Where confidence is found, we also see greater enjoyment in professional and social engagements. Statistics demonstrate that confidence in the workplace translates into greater success, especially when it is accompanied by an attractive smile.
  • Until you’re forced to live without all of your natural teeth, you do not realize just how vital they are to your chewing function. Restorations that are not anchored in the jaw like natural teeth feel, well, unnatural. Dental implants are intended for total restoration, roots and all. The stability that is gained from the fusion of bone around implant posts re-creates a natural feel so immense that you may not be able to tell a difference.
  • Tooth loss, at some point, translates into bone loss. This is a natural consequence of having no roots to transfer force between teeth and the jawbone. To continue this process, which is what encourages new bone to grow, it is necessary to replace roots, not just teeth.

Don’t let the loss of a permanent tooth affect your overall quality of life. Investigate your option for dental implants. Call 718-263-8300.