By Zev Maybruch, DDS
April 23, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Emergency Dentist  

Not sure if you are truly dealing with a dental emergency? For the sake of your health, it's vitally important that you know when it's dental emergencynecessary to turn to our Flushing, NY, dentist, Dr. Zev Maybruch, for treatment. Here are the most common types of dental emergencies and how to handle them!


"I am dealing with a toothache"

While you might not realize it, an acute toothache is enough to warrant an emergency dental visit to our Flushing office. After all, a toothache could mean that you have a cavity or that you are dealing with infected dental pulp, a problem that requires root canal therapy. Either way, this is a problem that needs immediate attention.

Here’s what to do: Give us a call and tell us what’s going on—we will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may choose to numb the pain with an over-the-topical numbing gel like Orajel®; however, the only way to actually get rid of a toothache is to treat the problem with a visit to a professional.


"I am dealing with a cracked tooth"

How we treat the crack will depend on the severity. Minor cracks may be buffed away and dental bonding resin can be applied to the area to restore it; however, more serious cracks will require our dentist to use more specialized tools to prevent the crack from getting worse. Afterward, a dental crown will be placed over the tooth to restore functionality and durability.

Here’s what to do: If any pieces of the tooth have broken off, it’s important to collect these pieces then immediately come into our office for treatment.


"I am dealing with a knocked-out tooth"

It’s important to treat a knocked-out tooth immediately in order to save the tooth. This means visiting our dentist within one hour of the incidence, which can increase the likelihood of saving the tooth.

Here’s what to do: Collect the tooth and rinse it off with lukewarm water if there is any debris. Gently try to place the tooth back into the socket—if it won’t go in, then place it in a closed container of milk and directly head to our office.


"I am dealing with a broken dental restoration"

Whether you cracked a dental filling or a crown fell out, these are issues that need to be addressed quickly. After all, when a dental restoration is broken or has fallen out, the tooth is weak and susceptible to problems such as pain and sensitivity.

Here’s what to do: Bring in the crown or restoration that’s fallen out or collect any pieces of the broken restoration. If a wire has come loose on your braces, you can use the eraser side of a pencil to gently push the wire back into place (do not force it).


Concerned? Give Us a Call!

If you are dealing with a dental emergency, it’s time to dial (718) 263-8300 for our dental office in Flushing, NY. We can adjust our schedule to make sure that your smile gets the treatment that it needs!