Coffee. It is the morning, and afternoon – and sometimes evening – beverage of choice for millions of people around the world. We get it! Coffee is aromatic. It’s rich and fulfilling. It can feel comforting and is what many people credit with being able to get up and ready for each new day. Clearly, humans have had a love affair with coffee for many, many years. The thing is, as you may know, coffee isn’t so kind to your teeth.

Hold the Phone!
What often happens when people read words like that last sentence is that they immediately close up. No one wants to be told they shouldn’t drink coffee, especially the truly obsessed. Again, we get it! And we’re not about to advise you to give up your habit. Curb it, maybe, but to a tolerable level.

Let’s dive in.
One of the issues with drinking coffee is staining; another is enamel wear. There are ways to cut down on both of these risks without having to commit to water only. The good news? These 3 tips are easy peasy!

  • Add cream. Wow! Can it get easier than that? Here’s what cream does for your coffee: It makes it smooth and silky, cuts the bitterness, and it also ties up the tannins that will stain your teeth. The key to creaming up your coffee is that casein protein must be present. Non-dairy creamer, because of the whole non-dairy thing, doesn’t have casein so therefore won’t attract tannins.
  • Drink with a straw. What? Well, this really is a tip, but, to be honest, it’s not one most people will follow. We probably wouldn’t! So let’s just move on . . .
  • Rinse. Now here’s a tip that has some value! Like adding cream to your coffee, keeping a glass of water nearby can do wonders to save your smile. Every so often, switch it up and take a sip of water instead of coffee. When you do, swish it through your mouth. This will break up the acidity as well as the remaining tannins, and slow the process of discoloration that is pretty much a given with a coffee habit.

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